Game night creates great bonding time

It’s the simple things in life that are sometimes the most gratifying. Lindsey and I had the joy of spending a recent Saturday evening with Lindsey?s sister and my brother-in-law.

Often when we get together for a night out, we spend time eating something delicious, chatting, and the evening usually ends with a good old-fashioned board game.

We have played all sorts of games with them. We have graduated from Mono?poly?we can?t play that anymore, but that is for another column?back when Lindsey and I were dating, to different, newer games as we have outgrown others.

Recently, we played Settler?s of Catan, a strategy and resource management game; Pandemic, a cooperative game that has us trying to stop a worldwide outbreak; and a couple of card games. We played for hours.

Game night seems something straight out of the ?60s to many of my friends who find it odd that we would choose to gather around a kitchen table and play a game rather than fire up an Xbox and play one of the millions of games that are offered in that realm.

On the surface, I am sure we seem like a bunch of nerds who just don?t get it. To me, it is simple. The games are fun, so don?t get me wrong, but the fact that we can all talk and discuss current events while playing is even more enjoyable.

There is something about staring at a television screen with a controller in your hands that doesn?t have the same social interaction we enjoy so much.

While I love an occasional game of Madden, or even something a little more challenging, a social board or card game brings more enjoyment.

We don?t often get to have these little nights, given our busy schedule and theirs. But when we get the opportunity, we always head back home late at night with the intention of doing it again sometime in the near future.

The evenings are always memorable. I often see myself waking up groggy the next day, but in a much better mood.

If you have a chance, call some friends or family, turn off the TV and head to the social space in your home. The game really doesn?t matter, but pick one, and enjoy a night talking, being competitive and being social.

It?s nice to take your face out of your phone, computer or TV occasionally.

Joey Young is publisher of the Free Press. You can reach him at