Future farm

? The Planning Commission was right in giving its full support to USD 410?s school farm project.

We are pleased the Hillsboro Planning Commission gave the USD 410 school farm project strong affirmation by voting unanimously to recommend that the city council grant a special-use permit for the project. We urge the council to respond favorably to the recommendation.

We see the farm project as a creative way to connect children with the origins of their food supply through regular exposure to the agricultural environment that sustains us. But perhaps more significant are the auxiliary benefits that will accompany the farm: teaching children to respect and care for animals, developing conscientious work habits and a sense of responsibility as they tend to chores, and providing a healthy outlet for children who need the occasional break from a traditional classroom.

With time, we hope critics of the project will become supporters as they see the educational and social impact on children. We hope they also will come to trust the intention of the school district to develop and maintain a clean and attractive project that not only benefits the school, but actually becomes a magnet that will attract more young families to the community because of the district?s innovative approach to education and the desire to nurture them to be responsible and compassionate adults who can see beyond their own needs and preferences. ?DR

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