Free stuff usually has a cost

Free stuff isn?t always free, which I have learned over the years. For example, I was picking up a load of books from Jostens in Topeka for a customer in Iowa in the Free Press 3/4-ton pickup a few years back. They had some really nice tables sitting back by the loading dock and it appeared to me they might be getting ready to put them out with the trash.

I inquired, and they told me I could have as many as I wanted. Since the truck was already full of books, I just reloaded it and by putting the tables in upside down I could fit the boxes in between the metal legs and all was swell.

That was until I was headed back home with the books unloaded and just the tables remaining in the bed.

The back window of the topper slants toward the front of the truck and I didn?t realize the table legs were tall enough to hit that window if the tables would shift to the back, which they did and broke out the window.

It wasn?t cheap or easy to get that window fixed?so my free tables weren?t free.


They still are really nice, sturdy tables, by the way.


I really don?t like springing forward an hour with the Daylight Saving Time change. Makes me off a step and a bit irritable.

I have written this before and I will write it again. I believe it would be a good idea to spring forward an hour on Friday night and then fall back an hour on Monday morning every week.

If Saturday morning arrived a little sooner and Monday morning a bit later, what difference would it make?


The nice weather this past weekend was just in time for washing the car and removing all of the winter grime.

As it gets harder to bend down, I just clean off what I can reach easily so the side panels and the stuff below the windows usually doesn?t get the chamois treatment. Looks pretty good from a distance, though.


We were driving down Rock Road in Wichita the other day and noticed what appeared to be a digital billboard down the street.

As we got closer, it was a small truck with a box bed on it with digital billboards on both sides?I presume so, even though we could only see one side?plus the back, that changed every few seconds. It had a phone number to call if you wanted your message to appear.

I am wondering how safe this can be and how soon a law will be passed to regulate these types of things. As things evolve, who knows what is next?

Why not print a message on oranges or other fruit? Millions of oranges are sold in this country every year.


Another quote I like: ?It?s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don?t know what they want until you show it to them.? ?Steve Jobs

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