Free Press completes 17th year

This issue marks the passage of a full 17 years of the Free Press; next week begins our 18th year of publishing.

I can tell you, we could literally write a book about the experience. Who knows, maybe we will.

The only person who has been here as long as I have is good partner and former partner Don. He has now joined with Joey and Lindsey Young to take the business farther down the road.

If Joey owns it as long as I have, it will be 57 years old when he turns it over to new blood. I doubt seriously if I will be around to see that day as I would be 110 by then.


You may or may not be a fan of Jim Gaffigan, but if you know anything about him, his most famous schtick is his YouTube video about Hot Pockets.

Most of what he says about Hot Pockets isn?t too complimentary but the company that makes them is an advertiser and sponsor of his new TV show on TVLand channel.

Smart marketing, I do believe.


If you cook in a Crock-Pot that has a crack in it, are you then eating food cooked by a crack pot?


When I was writing about restaurants from the past, I should have mentioned the corn fritters and butterfly shrimp at the Kingfisher.

We also had the Star Cafe that was owned by Julius Schultz. This information came from a 1955 phone book I have somewhere but cannot now find. I think the Star may have been in the same location as the City Cafe.


As my wing is no longer in a sling, I went on my first attempted two-mile walk in two months this past Saturday morning. It wasn?t that hard and I didn?t make it two miles either, but it was worth it nonetheless.

Didn?t realize how hot it can get so early in the morning.


I can?t wait for the next presidential election to end, but we?re still 16 months away from voting. I am guessing there will be more money spent than ever on putting out lies?it is apparently OK for politicians to lie, it?s been going on for years? the usual spin and you name it in the months to come.

John Stossel?s show this past week was about how lying is commonplace and showed many clips to support it.


A high school student who was going to take his girl to the prom. So he had to stand in a long line to buy the tickets. Then he decided he would take her in a limo, and there was a very long line to sign up for that.

Thinking it would also be neat to buy her flowers, he stood in line to buy her a corsage.

Finally, they arrived at the prom and he offered to get her some punch. He went to get some for her and there was no punch line.


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