Writer has sudden case of the puns

I woke up one morning feeling ?punny.? These things were just popping out of my head. Please allow me to share. And to apologize.

The meteorologist stormed out of the studio when his forecast was questioned.

The artist went back to school to brush up on his skills.

His enemy was quickly approaching. The nervous young warrior picked up the bow and arrow and began to quiver.

He tried to remain patient, but the doctor was eventually forced to close his clinic.

As the earthquake began, the soda jerk began to shake.

He arrived at the bar and drank in the scene.

The 37th try was just too much. It was all the movie director could take.

The novelist felt penned in by his deadline.

The carpenter needed to keep a level head.

In a shocking turn of events, the electrician discovered he had switched the wires.

?It is difficult to text without thumbs,? the bird tweeted.

The ambitious loan officer tried to claim the credit for every mortgage at the bank.

Sure, there was a paycheck. But, something else drove the cowboy to make sure his cattle arrived safely at the end of the trail.

The pencil salesman wanted to erase the mistakes of his past.

His pockets full of change, the waiter tipped the scales at an even 250 pounds.

The opera singer took note of the fact that the piece was too difficult for her.

The cook?s talents ranged from pastas to pumpkin pie.

She knew he was a great artist if she could only draw it out of him.

Being born without nostrils is nothing to sneeze at.

Fresh out of produce, the grocer closed his vegetable stand.

The coach wondered if his basketball team could bounce back from the loss.

Fearing his days of acting in horror films were over, the old man was dying to play a role in the zombie movie.

A tree crashing down on him was the last thing the careless lumberjack saw.

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