The fall of scattered thoughts

Some random thoughts as summer turns to fall:

Suddenly, women have broken into the field of meteorology. Have you noticed that every local channel now has a “weatherwoman”? Though the males still appear to be clearly in charge of the staff, the women have stormed the set, so to speak.

Though hurricanes are definitely nothing to smile about, you have to love the name Hurricane Harvey. It sounds like a prizefighter’s handle, and he certainly did pack a punch.

My mortal enemies, the starlings, returned briefly this summer, so for a few weeks I became the crazy old guy who smacks boards together in his backyard. But, the strategy worked. I chased the black hordes from my trees, and they soon got the message. You are welcome, 300 block of South Main.

Along with everyone else, I have to wonder what the vandals who painted up Marion County a few weeks ago hoped to accomplish with their act. They were obviously amateurs, and they were easily caught. All they did was create a bunch of extra work for people who really didn’t need any. They also brought about a sense of unity among the groups they targeted. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. But, then again, crime seldom does.

People, people, people. When you mow your lawns, please also trim along the curbs. Leaving the edge next to the street uncut is like wearing a backward baseball cap with a three-piece suit. It’s like washing your car, but leaving one fender dirty. I have even seen saplings taking root along the side of the street. It looks bad to visitors.

And speaking of putting residents’ collective best foot forward, let’s do what we can to beautify the ’Boro for the annual crafts fair next weekend. You never know who might be looking us over. And, by the way, I thought there was a city ordinance against keeping inoperable cars in yards, driveways and backyards. I could point out several autos that have not moved in years.

I was shopping for light bulbs the other day, which has become a complicated task. Options include LEDs, fluorescents, even “classic” incandescents. Some brands promise to last for nearly a decade. I’m guessing the manufacturer knows nobody is going to keep a receipt for that long, so it is easy to make that kind of claim worry free.

We are the sunflower state, and there is a profusion of the pretty plants in the ditches along the roads this year. They are basically weeds, and they have exploded in the past few days. Among the yellow flowers hide my nemeses, ragweed and pigweed. Their pollen has historically been the bane of my existence in early September.

At times, I want to scratch out my eyes.

Thank goodness I discovered an allergy spray years ago that alleviates many of my symptoms. Before Flonase, I would occasionally sneeze as many as three dozen times in a row. I am seeing many students suffering this year, and not just because they have to take my classes.

Bob Woelk teaches English and journalism at Hillsboro High School.

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