Hillsboro should look great for festival

Our most noteworthy local event, the annual craft fair, is coming in a couple of weekends. I know not everyone is excited about it as it causes a healthy dose of disruption to our little burg, but I kind of like the adrenaline rush. Sure, all that outside traffic can be a royal pain, but the fair brings in more than a fair amount of money, and we are only inconvenienced for one day.

I believe it is really important for Hillsboro’s residents to convey a hearty welcome to our guests. We need to make them feel at home, because, quite frankly, we could use a bit of a boost to our population, especially young families. If you are out and about that day, keep a smile on your face. Many of our civic groups generate most of their yearly funds during the fair, so we need visitors to spend their cash here. After all, we help them out every time we shop in our neighboring cities.

We need to make ourselves as attractive as possible, put our best foot forward, as it were. That means that Hillsboroans should get out there and mow their lawns, trim their bushes and pick up branches.

I know it’s been tough to keep up with all the yard work this summer, but now would be a good time to get that property back in shape. And, please, I beg you, cut your grass all the way to the curb. Don’t leave those unsightly weeds jutting up around signs and mailboxes. Put two wheels up on the curb and knock down the foliage growing next to the street. Otherwise, the job looks only partially completed. You wouldn’t wash your car and fail to clean the hood, would you?

And, if you have a side-discharge mower, don’t blow the clippings out into the street. Besides looking ugly, the debris causes all kinds of problems when the next heavy rain hits.

I would like to see stricter enforcement of our abandoned vehicle ordinance as well.

Though I realize there are some cars and trucks with expired license plates that are someone’s restoration project, but there are a number of automobiles around town that are obviously not going to be repaired any time soon. They tend to really clutter up a town. And, again, they are difficult to mow around, so weeds tend to remain around them.

Hillsboro has a reputation for being a clean, well-maintained city. We have a lot to offer. Our streets are being improved. We have a great recreation area on the west side of town, including some of the best tennis courts around and a new disc golf course. And, there are several other projects in the works, like the walking path we keep hearing about.

Sure, we have our fair share of issues. But, at least for the third Saturday in September each year, our friends from out of town don’t need to hear about them or see them.