Explaining the thought process on a vote

Because words matter; sometimes actions speak louder than words, and sometimes they don’t.

Because men (and women) are of God, and borders are of man.

Because people are people, no matter what they look like or where they are from.

Because being louder doesn’t make one righter.

Because, historically, 25 percent of Kansas are responsible for making decisions that affect 100 percent of Kansans for better or for worse.

Because the climate really is changing, no matter how much some try to deny it, and it really is going to be an issue, and really, really soon.

Because one serial abuser’s endorsement of another serial abuser should carry zero weight.

Because the rest of the world is laughing at us, not with us.

Because there is no such thing as an illegal person.

Because those who call themselves evangelicals and cite the Bible in their defense, should read the book of James and take it to heart.

Because when the leader mocks anyone who opposes him and his followers cheer and jeer my heart grieves.

Because the 1 percent have no right to own the 99 percent.

Because pro-life means more than just pro-birth.

Because no matter how those in power spin it, more people with darker skin continue to die than light-skinned persons.

Because not standing up for the best in human nature means you are happy to settle for the worst.

For these reasons and more, I can’t see myself voting Republican this mid-term election.

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