Columnist perplexed by certain questions

Questions I feel must be asked: Why do ants come into my bathroom in the fall and spring? There is nothing for them to eat in the bathtub, but they seem to find their way there. I also have yet to figure out from where they are originating and how they are getting in.

While the National Football League seems to be doing everything it can to protect players from brain damage due to concussions and repeated head trauma, how can a “sport” like mixed martial arts be legal? The whole point of that activity is to beat the opponent senseless.

Can we all agree that the word “literally” literally means “literally,” not “metaphorically”? I recently heard someone say, “My face was literally on fire.” Would he have been angry if I had thrown water on him?

Do we still need to “lather, rinse, repeat” when we shampoo? I do it, though I have heard it is not necessary. But, it is what the label recommends, after all. Why would a shampoo manufacturer lie to me?

Why do I work so hard to squeeze every last bit of toothpaste from the $3 tube before I toss it and yet think nothing of spending more than that much for a gallon of gas?

Speaking of the rising price of gas, is it really that expensive to switch to a summer blend? Wasn’t petrol a lot cheaper before we changed presidents?

Do elementary schools no longer teach that pedestrians should walk and jog on the left side of the street, facing traffic? Or, is it just a case of young people wanting to exert their independence by bucking the system? Maybe they are just naturally risk takers. Why else would they use a crosswalk while looking down at their phones?

Traditional vs. electronic books? Discuss.

Why do people with the smallest yards have the biggest dogs?

Why does a computer lie about how much time it will take to install an update? I had one the other day that told me it would be 41 minutes. It was more like 14. Is that supposed to be a pleasant surprise?

Does it make sense to cut aid to countries where poor, desperate people are trying to escape? Won’t that make it more likely they will feel the need to escape?

Typically, wouldn’t a person know in which country his or her father was born? And, more importantly, why would someone lie about it knowing the truth could be easily discovered?

Has Apple finally lost its mojo?

Why are teachers often more concerned about a student’s grade than the student is?

Can any modern, forward-thinking person come up with a reason to keep changing the time twice a year?

In the modern age, if Person A offends Person B accidentally, does Person A still need to apologize? And, if someone says, “I’m sorry if you were offended, does that count?

Is there another way besides burning to clear pastures in the Flint Hills, or are we destined to breathe in second-hand smoke until we choke every time the wind is out of the east in the spring?

How does a solar security light work? Isn’t it after dark that you need it? (I know, I know. There is a battery involved. But, it still seems counterintuitive, and I couldn’t resist.)

Like him or loathe him, doesn’t our new attorney general look like a cross between Fred Flintstone and John Goodman? Is it just a coincidence that Goodman played Flintstone in a movie? I wish I could redact that one.