A reminder

The mission of the Free Press is to contribute to a stronger and
more vibrant community by practicing and promoting the highest
standards of journalism for the benefit of our readers and advertisers.

We owe our readers:

  • Content that is relevant to personal and community needs and interests.

  • Writing that is clear, concise and lively.

  • Reporting that is aggressive, thorough, fair and accurate.

  • Features that are enlightening and entertaining.

  • Commentary that is relevant and incisive.

  • Design and graphics that enhance readability and impact.

  • Advertising that serves consumer needs and satisfaction.

  • A forum for feedback and dialogue.

  • Courteous consideration of concerns and criticisms.

?Nine years in, we?ll be honest to say we haven?t always
accomplished those ideals to the extent we desire to. But we?re not
ready to give up trying either. ?DR