Emergency was a wake-up call

Life is precious. It is delicate and tough all at the same time, but it can be taken from you in a moments notice without warning.

I was working in Hills?boro office a few weeks ago when I received a call from my wife, Lindsey, saying that her mother was going into surgery and that she didn?t know much more than that.

My mother-in-law wasn?t scheduled for surgery, so the news was startling and upsetting.

When we got to the hospital, she was out of surgery and was going to be fine, although they kept her in the hospital for three days because of the serious nature of her situation.

What she thought was the flu actually turned out to be a rare issue with her veins. She formed a few clots near her stomach, and they had to put seven stints in that area. It?s not preventable and isn?t hereditary. It just happens to some folks.

The doctor said if she would have toughed it out, figuring it was a bad case of the flu, she could have died.

When I heard that news, I realized how quickly life can be altered.

I have always prided myself in never going to the doctor, and even went without medical insurance for a few years when I was younger because I felt I was indestructible and never got sick anyway.

When I got married, that started to change?at least the insurance portion?but I had never really changed my attitude about going to the doctor or getting regular checkups.

I still don?t get sick often, and I don?t plan on being more careful with my activities, but the fact that what seemed like a bad case of the flu could have cost my mother-in-law her life has changed a few things for me.

Listening to Lindsey would be a good start. If she thinks I should venture into the doctor?s office, I suppose I should probably listen, but also breaking the ?tough it out? mentality on everything. Some things warrant a trip to see the doctor, clearly.

I have been blessed with wonderful in-laws. Some just say that, but I mean it. I would have been crushed if the news would have gone the other way last week.

Since things didn?t take a turn for the worst, I will just pray for a quick recovery for her and promise I will be more open to going to the doctor in the future.

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