Wind farm debate tougher than for, or against

The debate over wind farms has entered Marion County like a wrecking ball.

The debate isn’t something germain to just Marion County though. Reno, Sedgwick, McPherson, and right here in Marion County are all debating if these ‘farms’ should be put up in their backyards.

While many people are yelling half-cocked facts and figures, the truth is the debate is much more nuanced than simply being for them or against them.

There are real concerns with how much revenue these wind turbines will bring in the county, how it might affect land values of neighbors, and simply will it affect tourism to Marion County Reservoir or not.

Land owners have a real claim too. It’s not as if the agriculture business has been booming the last few years, so having a secondary source of income is a real motivator for some of these land owners whom know times are going to be tough from time to time.

Regardless of how you feel about wind farms, for or against, we would encourage a certain level of decorum while discussing them with your neighbors.

Let’s remember, they are your neighbors and you are likely not going to be rid of them soon.

Hear people out, research the facts, and discuss things like adults. Every decision is better made through constructive conflict because each side has a chance to discuss and come to a proper conclusion. We are in this together.

– Joey Young, Publisher