What we learn

We commend the high school and college graduates in our distribution area, and are pleased to showcase them in the insert you?ll find inside this issue. It?s no small accomplishment to receive a diploma in preparation for moving on to the next stage of life, whether it?s a job, more schooling or other horizons.

Particularly in our public school systems, the state demands a mastery of basic skills, including math, science, reading and writing. But a well-rounded education is about more than ?book learning.? And success is more than a high grade-point average. It?s about learning to live, cooperate and often compete with others. It?s more about learning to get along, and less about learning to get by.

There is a lot to learn about ourselves and our world. A few lessons come to mind:

? Success or failure depends largely on our own doing. Blaming others?whether it?s teachers, coaches or fellow students?is misplaced energy.

? We may be created equal, but not with equal abilities. This flies in the face of No Child Left Behind, but even a federal mandate can?t change reality. Happiness is finding your niche and pursuing it.

? When in doubt, follow the Golden Rule: Treat others like you?d want to be treated yourself.

Pursuing an education is valuable; pursuing wisdom is priceless. ?DR

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