Weather watch

A good stretch of near-perfect weather last week made Monday?s return to cloudy skies and occasional light mist all the harder to endure. It wasn?t so much the loss of personal outdoor convenience for us town folk, but knowing that our farmers finally got a good run of harvest weather. When there?s a bountiful crop at stake, sunshine is all the more significant.

Marion County has a solid core of manufacturing and service businesses to feed the area economy, but nothing makes this neck of the prairie hum like good harvests for our farmers. As they prosper or suffer, so do the rest of us. Crop prices could always be better, but there?s a measure of pleasure in bringing in bumper crop?at any price.

The forecast looks questionable for the week ahead. Most farmers have come to grips with the fact that the weather is one element they can?t control in their operation. Most maintain peace of mind by leaning on the One who can. ?DR

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