Weather or not

Spring storms bring the potential for deliverance from drought but also the prospect of devastation.

As we write this, weather forecasters are promising us the probability of rain for almost every day this week, with some severe storms possible. Folks with any grasp of our local agricultural conditions will be praying that the prospect of significant rain comes to fruition. Our producers need it desperately. Though surface moisture has improved from a few of months ago, subsoil moisture is still seriously lagging.

But with the promise of nurturing rain comes the potential for dangerous storms. Each year about this time we’re reminded to prepare for the possibility of severe weather—we think first of tornadoes because of their cataclysmic potential, but straight winds, lightning and hail also pose serious personal threats. Review your family safety plan if you have one, and develop one if you don’t. Be smart about the risks posed by storms.

Like so many things in life, spring storms bring the potential for both deliverance and devastation. We have little control over the former but we can diminish the chances of the latter.  —DR  

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