Vote local

Americans often wonder whether their vote really makes a difference. Whether it has the impact we?d like isn?t as important as fulfilling our duty as participants in the democratic process. It boils down to this: If you don?t vote for public officials, you haven?t earned the right to criticize them.

Having said that, in no other arena will a vote make more impact than at the local-government level. For one thing, the electorate is smaller, so every vote carries more weight.

Even more significant, no other level of government affects you more directly than the local level. Your mayor and city council are responsible for the streets you drive every day, the utilities that feed your home with energy, and the services your family will need in an emergency. Your school board is charged with guiding the educational development of our next generation citizens?whether they be your children or your neighbor?s.

This is your opportunity, your privilege to participate. Please cast your vote April 5. ?DR

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