Unintended Benefit

Somewhat by accident, Hillsboro experienced the potential benefit of visitor dollars when cooperation rules the day. Simultaneously on Saturday, the Marion County Fair Association was holding its annual 4-H Beef Spring Show, the Hillsboro Recreation Commission was hosting a boys? baseball tournament, and the Christiansen Ranch near Durham was operating the first day of a two day cattle-dog competition?all in the vicinity of the county fairgrounds.

Had the three organizers communicated with each other, they may not have had the fortitude to go ahead with three crowd-drawing events in such close proximity. But it happened, they made the best of it, and by the reports we?ve received, it was a great day for all parties with many compliments from participants and at least two local businesses reporting record sales days.

Makes one wonder, doesn?t it, what potential could be achieved if city and county entities intentionally decided to share resources and coordinate efforts for the sake of everyone?s benefit. ?DR

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