Unfair challenges

Even under the best of circumstances, county fairs are challenged every year to create an entertainment environment that attracts today?s general public. In a perfect world, effort would be rewarded proportionally with public response, and organizers of the Marion County Fair could expect sellout crowds. Our fair board invests countless hours planning an evening program to rival the level of involvement and interest that 4-H members show for their exhibits and contests.

But it?s not a perfect world. In fact, this year looks to be particularly challenging. The fair will be without a carnival after hosting a terrific one in 2011. Combine that with an extended forecast for unrelenting triple-digit heat, and the entertainment outlook is…less than energizing.

That said, we encourage folks across Marion County to take in the fair. If you feel you must stay home, spend at least part of that time praying for a break in the heat wave. It?s only fair. ?DR

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