Time to Vote

How many months have we withstood the carping, the negative advertising, the conflicting statements of ?fact? and all the double-speak that goes with the political season? And now the end is near. In six days the votes will be cast, the decisions made. And the joy we can anticipate is akin to having someone beat your hand with a hammer: It feels so good when they stop.

How many times over these months have you almost walked away from it all, declaring your determination to vote ?None of the above??or not at all?

Resist the temptation.

Voting is one of the most important rights and duties we have as American citizens. Much of the world does not share this right and privilege. They live under oppressive governments that choose their leaders and laws according to their own whim and often for their personal benefit. Mean?while, hundreds of thousand of our fellow American citizens serving in the Armed Forces have given their lives to preserve our freedom.

When you cast your vote, don?t focus on your frustration. Think about our lost heroes and be thankful that because of their sacrifice we can exercise this sacred rite of citizenship. ?DR

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