The voting dread

T he Day of Dread is less than a week away. Voters will be asked to show their support for one of the two most disliked presidential candidates in recent American history. In their moment of angst, some voters may decide to ignore the presidential race altogether, others may cast a protest vote for the minor party candidates, a significant percentage will cast their vote for one of the major-party candidates primarily to keep the candidate of the other major party from winning. It’s likely that a high percentage voters won’t make their decision until they enter the voting booth.

We have no sensible strategy to offer for the dilemma we find ourselves living with at the top of the ballot. But that should not keep us from voting—if for no other reason than the significance of the rest of the ballot. We have some excellent incumbents at the state and local and we have some who need to be retired. You’ll need to decide which is which. Without question, the most important issue for all Kansans is whether our governor and his supporters will succeed in subverting the constitutional system of checks and balances between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our state government.

Of course, we have county elections to consider as well, with a few declared write-in candidates challenging incumbents for county government positions. It’s been said the level of politics closest to home is the most important to our immediate future. Exercise your right to vote Nov. 8. —DR

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