Stuck in the mud?

Based on recent experiences, we boldly propose that a law be passed that no political campaign can begin more than a month before Election Day. We have observed the last-minute drives for the 17th District state senate seat 17th between Democrat Jerry Karr and Republican Jeff Longbine?and we like what we?ve seen: a rush to meet as many voters as possible, calm discussion of the issues and no attack ads in the media. Who would have thought such a campaign was even possible?

Of course, it helps that this particular race features two quality candidates of outstanding character.

We?re sick of the negative campaigns we?ve observed during this election season. It was particularly disgusting during the primary campaign when members of the same political party circled the wagons to commence shooting each other. Unfortunately, the GOP race for the U.S. First District seat proved that negative advertising wins elections.

Until we voters punish candidates at the ballot box when they go negative, don?t expect anything to change. If we fall for mud, we deserve what we get. ?DR

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