Small-town math

Rumors and gossip are as common in small towns as ants at a church picnic?and almost as unhealthy. The latest example were the widely circulating reports last week that immigration issues forced the abrupt closure of a Hillsboro business that happens to be Latino owned and employs several Latino workers. One problem: The issue weren?t related to immigration, and the closure was the voluntary decision of the owner so he could complete some necessary paperwork. Once more, two plus two in small-town math equals five. Wish we could say we were surprised the rumors were wrong. But in this business, where we bother to actually go directly to the the source instead of the coffee shop for our information, the stories we hear initially are almost always groundless or seriously distorted. One day maybe we?ll learn to resist the desire to spread stories that aren?t our business and that we can?t verify. Now, that would be worth talking about! ?DR

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