Hillsboro and Marion County again feels complete with Tabor College students arriving on campus over the past weekend. Not only are the college parking lots brimming with the evidence of new blood, but so will businesses, parks and churches as students begin to make themselves at home for the fall semester.

We’ve always known that Tabor College and its students are important to our local economy. A study conducted by the Kansas Independent College Association indicated that Tabor generated $7.5 million for our county’s economy during the 2012-13 fiscal year. With construction continuing on the $13 million Shari Flaming Center for the Arts, we know the local impact is even greater today.

We’ve always been grateful for the financial and cultural benefits of having Tabor College in this county. But we want the benefit to go both ways. Tabor students, we wish you well during your stay here. We hope you choose wisely and take advantage of the quality, committed faculty who are there to lead you toward intellectual, social and spiritual maturity.

You have great potential, and today’s world offers you a lifetime of opportunities to make a positive difference—many of them disguised as problems and challenges. Enjoy your time here, but don’t waste it. Use it to prepare yourself for a life of significance and service. —DR