Sign your name to it

There have been many things written about me, some disparaging and some complimentary, but at least most of those folks have the decency to tell me who is throwing the compliment or barb.

This week we received many complaints about a certain columnist in The Free Press. Bob Woelk has written a column for as long as I have been publisher of this newspaper and even longer before I was.

Now that I have something to do with the editorial decisions, I am sure several thought a few letters would make me pull the plug on running him any more.

That is simply not the case.

Agree or disagree with Woelk, he puts his name next to his opinions, unlike many of the letters I received this week in disagreement. He invites people to write letters who disagree with his thoughts as well. Those letters just simply need to have a name and hometown attached to them.

I don’t agree with every opinion we publish in this newspaper. I just recognize that a fair place to share opinions without all of the crap that comes with social media is good for society. That is what this page is for.

It is good for readers to take in opinions they agree with,but also opinions they don’t agree with.

We used to be much better at this as a society. We were even, dare I say it, civil with each other.

All I ask is that readers in Marion County open their minds and allow their eyes to read things they don’t always agree with, and if they want to disagree, put your name next to it.

– Joey Young, Publisher

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