Over the past three weeks or so, we?ve written about the best-kept secret in recent history, and now, with this issue, maybe the worst-kept secret in recent history. The common theme between the two secrets (technically, one secret and one non-secret): Great news for Hillsboro.

How a dozen or so people, for several months, kept an absolute lid on the sale of Hillsboro Community Medical Center assets and the promise of a new hospital is amazing to us. Almost more amazing than the deal itself.

Meanwhile, word of Wendy?s coming to town has been widely known for six months or more. (In good rumor-mill fashion, though, contrary stories were still bobbing to the surface in some circles even within the past month.) Because the buyers of the former McDonald?s building were not prepared to say anything ?official? until recently, we had little choice but to cooperate.

But the news is out now. And it?s great. ?DR