Safety first?

Maybe it?s appropriate because Kansas is in the middle of the nation geographically, but a recent study by the Internet site WalletHub ranks the Sun?flower State in the middle of the country in terms of ?safest states to live in? at No. 22. Categories of evaluation included workplace safety, emergency preparedness, home and community stability, traffic safety and financial security. Believe it or not, Massa?chusetts ranked No. 1 overall. More believable, Nevada finished 51st?with the District of Columbia included.
Our state?s best performance came in the category of home and community safety, where we ranked 12th. Some?what disconcerting, our worst performance was in financial safety, where we finished 43rd. For the record, Kansas ranked 30th in emergency preparedness?drat, those unpredictable tornadoes?29th in workplace safety and 17th in driving safety.
June is National Safety Month. We can quibble about the value of the WalletHub study (, but it?s a safe bet that all of us can do more to protect ourselves and our family members while looking out for the well-being of our fellow Kansans, too.

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