Remember Planet Earth

Being good Earth-keepers is neither ?wacko? nor liberal; it?s a conservative cause in the best sense of the word.
Sunday has been designated as International Earth Day. We?re encouraged on that day to give special consideration to what kind of stewards we are of the soil, water and air that are the basic ingredients of life on Planet Earth.

Earth Day itself grew out of the environmental movement of the 1970s, a groundswell of activism that some even today associate with a radical fringe that places the preservation of the natural world above the common needs of people. In response to that perception, some people have discounted legitimate concern for the environment as part of the ?wacko? liberal agenda. Similar sentiments are heard today in connection with current warnings about global warming.

Being good Earth-keepers is neither wacko nor liberal. In fact, it is a conservative cause in the best sense of the word. Simple common sense demands that we balance our consumptive lifestyle with a high regard for the needs of our children and grandchildren. It is our moral obligation. ?DR

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