Putrid process

We?re utterly disappointed in the actions of Kansas Speaker of the House Mike O?Neal and Gov. Sam Brownback last week. The unprecedented maneuvering and manipulation of the democratic process by Speaker O?Neal sends a dangerous tax policy straight to the governor?s desk without allowing any consideration of a tax conference committee report agreed to by negotiators from both chambers. The bill that passed last week will gut the Kansas economy, leaving schools, our communities and our most vulnerable citizens wondering if anyone can survive the damage.

The Kansas National Education Association summed it up well: ?The speaker and governor have told the world that the wealthy will pay lower taxes, the working poor will pay more, and Kansas will have no ability to sustain good schools, a strong infrastructure, or any quality of life for our families. The wheels are in motion to devastate Kansas. The citizens of Kansas now watch to see if anything can be done to avert this disaster?or if the speaker or governor even want to avert disaster.? ?DR

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