Most Americans?probably all of us?take for granted the right to speak our mind, to criticize the government, to worship as we please, to live our lives pretty much as we want to from day to day. We likely will never fully realize the depth of our freedoms until we lose them?and may that day never come.

But maybe the story of Phouthy and Sisanguane Chanthasaeng (Page 1) will cause us to pause long enough to at least try to grasp the priceless privilege we have to live in this country and pursue our personal happiness. This honorable couple know what life is like when those freedoms don?t exist. They?ve lived it. They lost family and friends to the forces that seek to destroy personal freedom. We can?t imagine the difficulties they?ve overcome to establish a new life here, but they seem content, even happy, in their present circumstance?even with minimal material comforts, communication challenges, health difficulties and all?simply for the privilege of living in a country where they can determine the path of their own future.

We have so much to learn from them. ?DR

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