Perseverance prevails

Sometimes perseverance trumps paranoia. The grand-opening ceremony for Hills­boro Community Hospital on Saturday should remind us that some visions are worth pursuing despite our doubts. That said, we would be less than honest if we didn’t admit there were moments over the past nine years when we doubted Saturday would ever happen.

Some among us wondered whether Marion County could support two hospitals a mere 10 miles apart—and even now we don’t know how the health-care story will turn out locally, much less nationally.

Some among us wondered whether the folks at HMC/CAH Consolidated Inc. could be trusted when the Kansas City-based company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in fall 2011.

Some among us wondered whether the City of Hillsboro was foolish to commit $1.25 million to the project, even though the decision went a long way to secure the USDA loan that was critical to the project—and it launched a partnership model that has been adopted by other communities for similar projects.

Today, we can speculate how the new $11.4 million facility will enhance and transform the future of the Hillsboro community. It’s possible because a core group of determined people refused to give up on their vision for local health care. It’s possible because a core of people cared enough to take worthwhile risks that held no guarantee of success.

Today let’s celebrate perseverance. —DR

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