Inconvenience is the price we pay for the promise of progress. That?s the recurring, though unplanned, theme in this edition of the Free Press. The Ash Street project in Hillsboro, described on our front page, will complicate the routine of local motorists and grain farmers for the next couple of months. The dust and fuss of building a new entrance onto Salem Home, when it comes to pass, no doubt will be bothersome to residents and staff. In our Business/Farm section, the lead photo portrays the groundbreaking ceremony for a makeover of St. Luke Hospital. We can only imagine the level of inconvenience workers and patients will encounter before that project is completed in fall 2011. In Sports, the James Thomas Invitational is held for the first time in the new Joel H. Wiens Stadium after a two-year absence.

We grumble when messy projects interfere with our habits and expectations, but few of us revolt. We know that once the dust clears, our environment, our communities will be better places to live than they are now. That expectation helps us tolerate a multitude of sins. In a day when instant gratification is the rule, there?s something healthy and wholesome about waiting patiently for a better tomorrow. ?DR

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