New voices

We?re happy to have two columnists making their debut in 2012. Actually, one is a familiar face for faithful readers. Since the start of his first tour of duty in 2009, Rep. Bob Brookens has been writing a weekly column in the Free Press during the legislative session in Topeka. We appreciate his open and straightforward approach, and think it?s a communication model for other legisla?tors. Brookens expresses his opinions on the issues, but always welcomes feedback from the folks of the 70th District who sent him to Topeka in fall 2008.

Making her very first appearance in the Free Press as a regular columnist is Shana Thornhill, who calls herself (and her column) the Fearless Farm Frau. The plan is that in the third issue of each month, Thornhill will share the latest escapades of a city family finding a real home in rural Marion County. We believe you?ll find her entertaining and enthusiastic takes on rural living to be contagious.

From the start, the Free Press has had a tradition of giving a platform to good local writers to express their views and insights. The tradition continues. ?DR

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