New editor

M y one year anniversary of working at the Free Press is coming up next week. I have loved this job since the second it sort of fell into my lap. It was one of those situations that I wasn’t looking for, but once it happened, it seemed like exactly what I had been missing in my life.

I’ve learned so much about writing and about people. I’ve always loved knowing random pieces of information which is basically what being a reporter is all about…knowing just a little bit about a variety of topics.

And now, just when I thought I couldn’t love my job anymore, I somehow fooled owner Joey Young into thinking that I am qualified to be the new editor. I know I have big shoes to fill following Don Ratzlaff and Joey. But I am ready to do it.

I’m ready to tackle more hard news as well as the heartwarming feature stories about all the people that make Marion County so great. It is my hope that you readers will give story ideas. So, here we go!

– Laura Fowler Paulus