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In the midst of the Trump and Hillary show, the harping of ideologues on either extreme of the political landscape, and the bullheadedness of state and national leaders who defend failing policies out of ?principle,? an hour of listening to Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran almost renews one?s faith in our political system.


Not everyone will agree with Moran?s positions on every issue facing our state and country?or needs to. But the tenor of openness and dialogue that characterized his tour stop last week in Hillsboro gives one hope that ?Kansas Common Sense,? a combination of clear-headed content and credible character, might someday catch on in our increasingly polarizing political environment.

When was the last time you heard a politician speak favorably about ?compromise,? or suggest that doing the right thing for the whole is a better way of governing than ?winning,? or make the case that inviting civil dialogue with those who disagree with us has the potential to empower a nation?

We assume there are more political leaders out there who are oriented like Jerry Moran, but you won?t see them showcased in our current win-or-lose political environment. And we are all the losers for it, because common sense contributes very little to high ratings and the American illusion of winning. ?DR

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