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In a day when it?s tempting to give up on politicians as demagogues and schemers, we recommend showing up at a Jerry Moran tour stop the next time our congressman comes through Marion County on his tour of ?The Big First.? We had that privilege Monday afternoon in Peabody, and again came away believing the Kansas First District may be the luckiest in the country.

Jerry Moran is an articulate and persuasive politician, but not in a manipulative sense. He?s real. His positions are thought through and based on something refreshingly powerful: common sense. Moran actually listens. He invites conversation, not dictation. On several points, Moran was quick to identify his differences with the party line. He?s is appalled as anybody about the games played in Washington and admits he doesn?t feel at home there. He?d rather be home in Kansas.

Which is exactly why we need him in D.C. ?DR

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