Mixed messages

For the record, Hillsboro city postal customers, placing your mailbox at the curb is not a mandatory action. We?ve made that clear in two articles we?ve previously published in the Free Press based on interviews with the local postmaster. Yet, we totally understand why many residents are thoroughly confused about the issue, given the mailing the USPS sent to every home the week before last. The yellow card uses ?we are requesting? language, yet attached to the bottom of the mailing is a sticker that essentially issues a deadline, stating: ?2nd request, Please install your curb box by November 1st, 2011.?

We?re not necessarily bothered by the concept of patrons moving mailboxes to the curb for the sake of ?faster, more efficient and safer? delivery for our mail carriers. Who knows, it might even save money. But we are getting a little irritated by the mixed message coming from the post office. It sounds like, ?We?re only asking you to do this, but you better do it by this deadline. And this is our second request, buddy.?

Well, this our first request: State clearly in your next mailing that we have a choice in the matter. ?DR

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