Making a home

We salute the many volunteers who came together last week to build a house for Army Sgt. Ryan Newell, 25, who was severely wounded in Afghanistan. The project received notable media attention in the area?and why not? It?s a feel-good story in the midst of hard times. It?s a story about a monumental project, unusual in its scope and yet a reminder that the values that prompt neighbors to rise up and help each other in a time of need are still the norm in this part of the country, not the exception.

Although the exterior of the house took shape in three days, the project will take three months to complete as the more time-intensive and intricate work inside begins in two more stages.

To the Newells we say thank-you for the sacrifice you?ve made in service to our country. We hope your stay here is a long and satisfying one, and that ?home? will be more than a new house. We hope this will be a place where you can make a new start and, when the day comes, that you will experience the richness of helping someone else with their?s. ?DR