Make a difference

More by coincidence than design, this issue of the Free Press includes multiple articles and features that highlight real needs in our communities?and real efforts to meet them. These are the times we live in, even in Marion County. Some people are getting by comfortably in this challenging economy, others are hurting.

It?s an odd juxtaposition that the economy suffers when households economize. Some families have no choice but to cut back as we enter the holiday season. Maybe this is the year for those of us on the comfortable edge of life to consider stimulating the economy while helping our neighbors who need a boost. We could boldly spend as much as we can possibly afford for presents and holiday cheer?just not for our own benefit. Could this be the year when we make a pact as families to spend our Christmas money for the benefit of others who need it more than we do?

One of our regular columnists asks this week how one can make a difference in the world when the world has so many needs. Here?s one thought: Make a difference in your own community first. ?DR

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