Looking ahead

With the graduation season upon us, we add a word of congratulations to the high school and college students who will be receiving their diplomas and are beginning the next stage of their life journey.

We have no sage advice or insight to offer that they won?t have heard, thought or read over these next few weeks. But most of us, whether we were there 10, 30 or 50 years ago, can recall that mix of excitement and dread as one very familiar stage ends and the next one looms before us with no clear understanding or defined expectations.

If we look too deeply into the future, the outlook can be foreboding because even the familiar earth beneath our feet shifts from week to week with the undulating tremors of change. Graduates have carefully defined milestones to mark their change. The rest of us plod on, adjusting day by day to the surprises and challenges that come our way. Ultimately, that is the way all of us make it through, isn?t it? ?DR


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