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The U.S. presidential campaign ended in fitting style: a surprising, unconventional win in a race that pitted perhaps the two of the least trusted candidates in American presidential history. The acknowledged winner was declared the victor on the basis of the archaic electoral college system, while the other candidate “won” by popular vote. So, so appropriate.

We prefer to cast our gaze closer to home. We find reason for encouragement in Marion County, where the election process drew more candidates than usual and the give and take was mostly congenial. We congratulate Dianne Novak for her win in the race for the District 2 county commission seat against incumbent Dan Holub. We look for good things from Novak, but we also appreciate the countless hours Holub invested for Marion County during his time in office.

Meanwhile, District 3 Commissioner Randy Dallke faced a quality opponent in Tom Britain, running as an independent, and incumbent County Treasurer Jeanine Bateman survived a challenge from independent candidate Rhonda Casey-Curry.

Losing an election never feels good for the candidates who come up short, but in Marion County we applaud the participation and the common goodwill of the participants. We’re pleased to have candidates in this part of the country who show character rather than trying to be a character. Lead on. —DR

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