Local interest

The bitter battle being waged to win the Repub?lican presidential nomination can easily sour us on all political involvement. But the Jan. 24 deadline for filing for local elections is a good excuse to remind ourselves that getting involved politically at the local level is a good thing. Local government is the most dynamic expression of political involvement because office holders are truly public servants?they?re held accountable every time they meet their neighbors. What?s more, the local level is the best place to make a real impact in the lives of people you truly value.

It?s good see the number of people who have filed for offices in the April election. Of course, in a few cases the situation appears dire with a lack of candidates. But we affirm those people who stepped out are willing to take on a sometimes thankless job in the name of service. The ideal would be to have at least two candidates for every position. The competition would prompt more interaction and accountability between candidates and the public?and that?s always healthy. ?DR

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