Leap of faith

Don?t know what to do with your extra day on Friday? Since Leap Day, Feb. 29, comes around only once every four years, it seems fitting to celebrate the occasion by doing something you normally don?t do during the course of a standard year.

For example, say something nice about the IRS. Leave a tip at fast-food restaurant…or any restaurant. Speak with a British accent (unless you?re Britney Spears). Don?t criticize an official during a basketball game. Close the lid to the toilet when you?re through. Turn off your cell phone for the entire day.

You get the idea.

Slaves to routine, most of us will probably observe Feb. 29 no differently than we would any other Friday. We?ll go to work or school, continue our routines and miss the opportunity to do something extra on this extra day of our lives.

To do one thing new and different. You know, maybe that should be our routine. ?DR

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