Leadership in Transition

We believe Larry Paine is off to a good start as the new city administrator for Hillsboro. His plan to visit with each business and industry owner in the city is a bridge-building initiative that sets a tone for accessibility and communicates a desire for partnership in making the city a better and more prosperous place to live.

Teamwork is key in a small town, whether it be between local institutions and organizations or between the management and staff who labor within them. With Paine?s arrival, with Doug Huxman stepping in as interim superintendent at Unified School District 410, and with Larry Nikkel looking to complete his term as Tabor College president at the end of December, this is a transitional season in leadership at three key institutions.

So far, it seems the spirit of cooperation we?ve seen in the past will be continued, and perhaps even strengthened. This is one more reason to anticipate a hopeful future. ?DR

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