Landmark decision?

The Supreme Court?s ruling last week establishing that every American has a constituional right to own a gun is hailed as a victory by gun advocates and as a step backward by gun opponents. Whatever legal wrangling lies ahead as the Court?s ruling is applied to specific gun laws now in place around the country, it seems to us that the ruling is neither victory nor backward. It?s simply a sad footnote on our violent culture.

Gun ownership is defended as the citizen?s protection against violence and lawlessness, and yet the ownership of guns only increases violence and lawlessness. Meanwhile, those who would ban guns seem to forget that doing so would disarm only the law-abiding citizen. Criminals will continue to bear arms, and the law-abiding are only made more vulnerable for the lack of protection.

The Court?s ruling hardly seems ?landmark,? for it will have little impact on our safety in a culture where violence is a core value. ?DR

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