It?s good, but is it news?

One of the traditional criteria of ?news? is something that occurs beyond the routine. Hence, airline crashes are news, and safe landings generally aren?t. For the past two years we?ve run front-page stories about how all five spring sports programs at Hillsboro High School were represented in state competition. The first time it was history, the second time it was history repeating itself.

Now they?ve done it again. Trojan tennis, golf, track and field, softball and baseball qualified for their respective state tournaments and meets?for the third year in a row. It?s a marvelous accomplishment, but when does it cease being ?news?? We hope it?s an editorial dilemma we can debate for years to come.

For now, we congratulate the athletes, coaches and administrators for their hard work and achievement. This kind of success does not happen without commitment and hard work. Grant Shewey placed sixth in tennis earlier this month, Devin Dick competed in golf on Monday. This weekend, the other three programs step up to the plate, two of them quite literally.

Thanks for inspiring us to do our best, too. ?DR

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