Internet access is one key to economic success going forward

There aren’t many things more important than good and reliable Internet access for a town trying to be viable this century.

If people can’t stream Netflix, Hulu, play online video games, and watch YouTube at their leisure, they aren’t going to be compelled to move somewhere.

So Internet access is a big reason Marion County hasn’t had the economic success it would hope to. It’s not the only reason, but it certainly comes into play. Why would a company locate or expand somewhere it can’t realistically recruit employees to live and be happy?

The answer: they won’t.

On top of that, many companies need the fast reliable Internet provided in cities just to conduct business.

For example, I am asked to go on a video conference fairly regularly as a member of the Kansas Press Association board. I usually try to be at one of our other offices for those video calls, because I know the Internet access is faster and more reliable there than it is in Hillsboro.

Things like that would be a huge “no-go” for companies looking to locate or expand in Marion County.

The railroad or a close water source used to determine if a town would live or die in the infancy of this country. Now, it might be great Internet access that defines where our communities go in the future.

I was happy to see that Hillsboro is working toward getting more options and potentially better Internet in town. That could be a big step forward. Our company’s bills for Internet in Hillsboro are nearly double the cost we have in Newton, Andale, or McPherson where our other offices are located, and the service is better at those other locations as well.

It is smart for Hillsboro to continue to look into getting faster and more reliable service before it is left in the digital dust.

– Joey Young, Publisher

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