In our image?

• It’s Trump vs. Clinton for president. What does that say about the state of our culture?

There’s an adage that in a democracy, voters get the kind of leaders they deserve. No doubt there’s some truth to that statement, but it’s a troubling indictment of our culture when we consider the two presidential candidates that have been nominated by the country’s two primary political parties.

Republican Donald Trump arrogantly pronounces that he alone can fix America’s problems, but his leadership skills seem far better suited to be elected schoolyard bully than president of the United States.

Democrat Hillary Clinton espouses a collaborative approach to leadership but has a track record of missteps and scandals that cast doubt on her honesty, integrity and political judgment.

Both parties put on a good public show over the past two weeks, but we also caught more than a few glimpses behind the curtain that reveal the shortcomings not only of our political candidates, but the culture that propels them forward. —DR