Hospital still open, but also still in bankruptcy

There is no good way to report on the ongoing saga of the Hillsboro Community Hospital and please an audience from the whole county. Some people want constant updates and facts, and to my dismay, others have asked us to just stop reporting about it at all as it doesn’t look good and isn’t positive.

It’s true. There isn’t much positive about the HCH story outside of the fact that it is still open and providing services.

For us to do our job properly, we need to call it the way we see it, and that doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes, but when we do we will own them.

The word “bankruptcy” congers up thoughts of closure, so why would we run a headline that says the hospital claimed bankruptcy. Well, because it did.

Much like everything in the legal system, there are levels to bankruptcy and to explain that in a headline is impossible. The level the hospital is currently in doesn’t require closure, but that doesn’t mean the situation is all flowers and puppydog kisses either.

The development puts the hospital at risk and also if things don’t go properly could lead to closure.

We call it the way we see it. We will continue to update the county on the updates and hopefully, things get more flowery in the future.

– Joey Young, Publisher