Hope for our future

Whether you agree with his political perspective or not, this country needs a successful President Obama. There will be some among us who hope he will fall flat on his face, but the stakes are too high for this country at this perilous point in our history to see victory as the other party?s failure.

The issues we face are complex and serious; the new president will have an enormous challenge ahead of him. It?s our hope that he will be able to build a bridge across the political aisle, as he has pledged to do, and it is our hope that both sides of the aisle are committed to moving past partisanship for the sake of our beleaguered nation.

One of President Obama?s strengths is his oratory. True, words alone will not solve our nation?s troubles, but words can inspire courage, sacrifice, hope and unity. These are the qualities every American will need to embrace if this country is to find its a path to financial and political recovery. ?DR

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