Guilt by accusation?

In a previous life, we worked for a boss who held to an interesting perspective on personal character. ?The person who is quick to accuse someone else of improper behavior is the person mostly likely to behave that way himself,? he used to say. The logic behind the characterization is that a mind oriented toward the dark side naturally assumes other minds are oriented the same way.

We don?t know whether his theory has ever been tested, or even if it could be. But it is an interesting way to evaluate the outrageous conclusions and misguided accusations that all of us encounter from time to time, whether in the media or in our personal or professional interactions?and certainly races for political office. Even as children we were reminded, ?When you point a finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you.?

Maybe the best thing about buying into that philosophy is that it tends to put a governor on our own mouth when we feel the urge to jump to conclusions and accuse others of impropriety.

What do we reveal about ourselves when we say bad things about others? Something to ponder, don?t you think? ?DR

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